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K9 Advantix II Flea & Tick Control for Dogs

If you are seeking a comprehensive flea, tick, lice and mosquito protection solution, look no further than K9 Advantix II Blue. Made for your 55+ lbs. dog, 7 weeks of age or older, K9 Advantix II Blue not only kills all of these potentially harmful parasites, but keeps on safeguarding your puppy or dog for a whole month! Within the first 3-5 minutes of an application, the fleas have stopped biting. 12 hours, and they are all dead.

If your dog loves to explore and socialize, chances are that if he doesn't already have a flea or tick infestation, one is on the way. Lyme disease, heartworm, West Nile virus, all carried by parasites that your dog may bring home with him if unguarded. Head trouble off at the pass with water-resistant, easy-to-use K9 Advantix II Blue! 4 simple monthly applications will protect your dog for four entire months!
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