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Comfortis Chewable Tabs for Dogs

Comfortis is a chewable beef-flavored tablet that kills fleas and prevents further infestation for an entire month. Comfortis is FDA approved and should be used on dogs 14 weeks of age or older. You must have a prescription from your veterinarian to order Comfortis.

Comfortis works by using Spinosad, its active ingredient, to assault the nervous systems of fleas, leading to paralysis and death. Comfortis starts killing fleas within 30 minutes, before they can lay eggs! 6 monthly doses of Comfortis will protect your dog for a whole 6 months!

Side effects may occure, and include depression/lethargy, vomiting, ataxia, itchiness, diarrhea, seizures and hypersalivation. Comfortis has been found to be safely used with heartworm preventatives that contain ivermectin (Such as Heartgard Plus and Iverhart Plus) when those products are used accordinf to label directions. Should your veterinarian prescribe the extra label use of a heartworm preventative (e.g., to treat non-responsive demodectic mange and other conditions) your dog may experience salivation/drooling, trembling/twitching, dialating pupils, ataxia, seizures, blindess and disorientation. If your pet experiences any of the above symptoms, or you notice other differences in behavior such as coughing, or a decrease/increase in appetite, contact your veterinarian.

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